SENIRAM SENIRAM 4 December 2013

Squidoo Page

Any chance of more information about the Squidoo page, as I got a message that it had been taken down when i clicked the link.

SENIRAM (talk) 23:13, December 4, 2013 (UTC)

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ArthurChristmas ArthurChristmas 30 November 2011

Arthur Christmas storyline 4 parents

Father Christmas and his family live in the North Pole. Santa every year makes loads of kids happy delivering xmas presents to all the kids in the world on Christmas Eve, so when the kids wake up on Christmas morning they find all their presents they have long waited for under the xmas tree.
But how does Santa manage to deliver to every house across the world all in one evening ?
Arthur Chrsitams is an animated movie that has a corporate humorous pitch on the story.
Santa's business (packing and delivery) is run by Steve, Santas eldest son and potential future Santa. Steve is the managing director and runs the business in a modern corporate style. The company motto is "Mission Accomplished". Steve's operation would compete with the likes of …

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